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Phone, Tablet & Smartphone

IPPL is a family orientated business and we have been serving the local community for a number of years, helping prevent crime by making sure that any precious item you owned is protected by engraving details of the ownership onto the item itself is a great help in crime prevention. We can design any logo you would like engraved onto the item including :

  • IPOD
  • IPAD
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • personal items

Talk to us or come visit us at Lidcombe Sydney. Our team of experts will help you achieve your desired result.

ipad21 Phone, Tablet & Smartphone  ipad1a 269x3001 Phone, Tablet & Smartphone

IP21 Phone, Tablet & Smartphone ipad002a1 Phone, Tablet & Smartphone

Engrave what you want to say

Engrave your words onto the back of your IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE you can engrave what you want to say and engrave your words permanently on the back of your device.

ip2501 Phone, Tablet & SmartphoneIPPL will help you achieve your desired result. We can include you very own personal coat of arms or company logo or personal logo and can include your name and address and telephone number if you wish.