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Laser Engraving

  • Custom laser engraving
  • Labels, plaques, markers,
  • Custom laser engraving Services
  • Metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic
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Laser Cutting

  • Laser cutting materials
  • Wood, Leather, metal & more
  • Fine precise cutting laser
  • No job too small or too large
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Industrial Signage

  • Industrial signage a specialty
  • Fire exit signs, electrical signs
  • Laser metal printing engraving
  • All types no problem
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Corporate Giftware

  • Corporate gift ware
  • Personalize laser engraved
  • Personal attention
  • Cups, bottles, glassware & more

custom engraving Home

  • Glassware
  • Acrylic
  • Leather
  • Clothing material
  • Metal


Laser Cutting and Engravings in Sydney

IPPL can imprint or cut your logo or any picture or letters onto the material of your choice. We can also design wedding invitations laser cut into wood
leather. We can incorporate your design onto the finished product or we can design a wedding or  birthday friendly invite with your input that can be lasered onto different materials.

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ipad engrave Home

  • Smartphone Engraving
  • Tablet Engraving
  • Laptop Engraving
  • Tools Engraving

Engrave your precious ipod or ipad  or tools and any other home electronics with your own personal marking. This can include your name and address and a telephone number if you wish. We can also design a logo that can be engraved onto the device.

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IPPL has been in the forefront of laser technology.We are situated in the heart of the Sydney Metro area and have been serving the community for many years.

Industrial Engravers

We specialize in the application of laser technology.We can engrave on any surface limited only by the bed of the laser. Typical applications include: custom signage, metal and plastic signs, metal and plastic tags, industrial signs and more.