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Retail Store Signage Needs To Be Bold And Clear

As an owner of a retail store, it is important to make the right signage choice. A poor signage choice makes your business look bad. Customers look for compelling reasons to come to your store. Apart from having the best products and services in town, you need to take it up a notch when you want the best signage. That is why when creating a signage, it should always be clear.

It should reflect your personality in all ways. A good retail signage tells a customer everything they need to know. For instance, when you are giving information about certain merchandise, the customer should get everything right without having to ask a number of questions. Here is more on making your retail signage bold and clear to send the right message to your customers.

Short and relevant

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Nothing works better than making it short and relevant. The message you pick needs to be on point due to varying attention spans for different customers. Research indicates that the attention span of many people has shortened significantly. Since most customers are in a hurry to get as much information as they can in the shortest time, making a short and appealing retail store signage in Sydney will go a long way to ensure you have left an impression.


It is true that some sellers out there can manage to get away with a signage made of mere crayon on a whiteboard. However, do not use this as an opportunity to put words on the whiteboard without giving thought to font appearance. Irrespective of material used in the signage, the words need to be legible for customers to read without straining. Make the fonts large enough and try to stick to one particular colour if you decide to use crayon and whiteboard. With clear fonts, it will be easy for the attention of customers to gravitate to the message and the products of your retail store.

Give customers a reason to buy a product

When you give your customers a good reason to buy your product, you will see a tremendous change in sales. Therefore, you need to ask yourself questions such as, “Why is the customer buying your product?”, “What does it make him or her?” and the like. You can use catchy phrases such as “For a perfect dinner date try it out”. It will surely turn a head and get your retail store more attention.

Engaging the customer

You have seen ways of capturing a customer’s attention instantaneously. Now, you need to know how you can engage your customers. Use of the words “You” and “Yours” is advisable as it is the simplest way of engaging a customer. For instance, when a signage reads “You are champion in the toughest race”, you are likely to engage your customers. Customers feel appreciated when you engage them and this gives them reason to come back to your retail store again. Finally, it is important to test your signage. You can have it on top of a window or the main entrance door. As long as it is at a point where people can easily see it, you can test your signage to see its effectiveness.

You can change the way your retail store signage looks by following these simple tips. If you need a little help, you can talk to signage companies in Sydney for more creative ideas that will put your business on a cutting edge. Your retail store deserves a better signage and loyal customers. Achieving growth in customer number and sales is possible with the right signage. Choose your words wisely and make an appealing signage.

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