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What Is So Special About Jewelry Laser Engraving?

In recent years, more people have been having different items personalized with laser engraving. Some of the items that are being personalized this way are jewelry pieces such as engagement rings, wedding rings, different types of bracelets, and so forth. This is has given stores and designers that specialize in jewelry a good reason to invest in modern engraving technology such as the use of the lasers. This has resulted in laser engraving making noteworthy inroads into the jewelry industry.

The lasers used in this kind of engraving are able to mark almost all types of metals, composites and the likes. Not only this, this form of engraving offers the engraver a wide range of different engraving options. As a result, different types of jewelry pieces can be made even more special by adding personal messages, images or even dates that are meaningful to the buyer.

Origins of jewelry engraving

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Jewelry engraving dates back to primeval times and it mostly took the forms of carvings on stones that were used as decorative items. Then came copper plate engraving in the 15th century. It hugely gained on popularity and became the most preferred method of etching messages and identifying marks. This was the start of what is popularly referred to today as conventional engraving. It was mostly done on soft metals like platinum, silver and gold. The invention of modern engraving technologies such as use of lasers has made it possible to make marks on harder surfaces such as these used in bracelets, watches, pendants and earrings.

Why opt for laser engraving in jewelry personalization?

The conventional engraving and modern etching methods such as laser marking are quite different, both in the way it is done and the results. But the question is, why opt for laser engraving and not traditional engraving? Well, read on to find out.

• Laser etching or engraving is a method of ablating the metal by removing the surface materials to create different kinds of markings.

• It also uses what is referred to as annealing process, a procedure that heats the surface of the metal so that it changes the color leaving different surface marks without breaking the surface of the material.

• Laser engraving results in more precise details and that last longer than conventional marking.

• Laser engraving provides clean and eco-friendly results that are residual and chemical free.

• Laser marking does not in any way interfere with the integrity of the jewelry piece.

• With laser etching, it is possible to mark or engrave graphics or texts into the material at exact depths.

• Laser etching offers a jeweler an opportunity to come up with superb designs with no risk to the item being engraved.

Laser marking or engraving is an ideal jewelry marking option that can be opted for to inscribe special dates and personal messages on different types of jewelry made of metal materials. Traditionally, jewelry pieces were made of metals such as platinum, copper, silver and gold. Today’s jewelry designers make use of alternative metal materials such as titanium, steel and tungsten to fashion different kinds of fashionable pieces.

They further utilize laser engraving systems that work with world-class laser marking software to engrave the jewelry pieces. As they have a wide range of metal materials to choose from, they are able to add unique designs to almost any kind of jewelry items for their clients, or even to add different kinds of identification markings to enable the owner to verify the items for security purposes. Furthermore, clients are able to ask the designer to add a vow to the inside of a wedding ring for special meanings or enhanced effects.

Is laser engraving long lasting?

The etching of special messages or images inside a wedding ring or bracelet is meant to last. However, the longevity of the markings depends on a number of factors. For one, the metal used to make the jewelry piece can affect its durability. Engraving on hard metals result in more long lasting markings compared to doing so on soft metals that are prone to tear and wear as well as to scratching.

Which is the best laser engraving system?

There are two types of laser engraving systems that can be opted for and that are perfect for jewelry engraving. These are the fiber laser marking and the Nd: YAG engraving systems. In any of these, the engraving machine uses a laser beam to deliver short pulses that are perfect for quality annealing and ablation. Whichever is opted for, it is recommended to use a laser engraving system that comes with appropriate marking software and that contain a wide array of images and fonts. This enables the designer to perfectly personalize different kinds of jewelry pieces for his clients. Best of all, the laser engraving equipment itself is long lasting and utilizes little in the ways of consumables.

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