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The Uses Of Industrial Laser Engraving In Today’s Industries

Many industries today involved in a wide variety of production sectors have realized the many benefits of laser marking in different industrial applications. Industrial engraving or marking is done with the assistance of appropriate software applications which are installed on enabled computers that are then used to guide different kinds of laser markers or machines to produce a wide range of quality designs as well as distinctive identification marks on surfaces that range from ceramics, plastics to metals.

And thanks to the years of continuous improvements and innovation, laser engraving systems today have become an ideal and gainful way to mark items that range from jewelry pieces to mugs. Furthermore, laser marking is used for identification, security and aesthetic purposes in different settings.

Why use industrial laser markers?

The main uses of laser engravers or markers come as result of a need to quickly identify and track tools, inventory as well as other materials used in industrial settings. Asset security, identification and tracking play a vital part in different private and public business as well as industrial applications. Apart from the normal assets and consumable tracking and identification functions, laser engraving and marking also is greatly used in the firearm industry for aesthetic and technical reasons.

For example, laser engraving provide an effective way for firearm makers to maintain conformity with the state laws by having easily identifiable markings on different parts for ease of tracing the authorities. Apart from this, firearm collection enthusiasts who want personalized logos, images and texts on their weapons make use of different types of laser engraving and marking machines to achieve their goal.

What are the potential uses of laser engraving in different industrial settings?

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Laser engraving and marking technology is used by a great number of different industries. These include:

•    Medical implant manufacturers

Laser markers or engraving systems are used to make unique marking on a wide variety of complex medical implants. This allows part numbers, data matrix codes and different human and machine readable information and codes to be embedded on the implants. Laser marking systems typically produce minimal heat, something that allows the integrity of products being engraved to remain intact during the entire engraving process.

•    Medical equipment and tools

Medical tools and equipments have benefited greatly from the durable and precise laser markings. Best of all, the resultant marks are impermeable to the constant changes, for example temperature changes, that is brought on by sterilization and any number of tasks that involve sudden applications of heat. Not only this, these kinds of markings are also abrasion resistant.

•    Jewelry

Jewelry engraving and marking systems offer a perfect way to mark a wide array of different materials that are used in jewelry making without putting them into contact with destructive things such as acids, mechanical engraving bits, and the likes. How so, you might ask. Well, the machines used in laser marking have shrunk enough in size to allow for different marking applications thanks to constant improvements. As a result, the today’s laser marking machines are quite small as to perfectly fit on any kind of a small desk. Not only this, they are able to offer a fast option of reproducing unique images and texts with a clarity that other marking or etching methods lack.

•    Aerospace

Laser engraving technology is used to mark different materials that are used in the aerospace industry. These materials are mostly exotic and do not take well to other engraving options due to their sensitivity. Fortunately industrial laser engraving systems are able to maintain the integrity of the materials being marked while producing machine and human-readable codes, high quality logos, unique images as well as texts.

•    Electronics

Laser engraving technology today is perfect for precision marking projects on small as well as large electronic components. These include components such as different sized transistors, resistors, microchips, circuit boards, etc. Adjustable length capabilities allow laser engraving systems to be able to mark material or surfaces that have proved too tiny for other etching methods.

•    Automotive

Laser engraving is perfect for producing codes, images and texts onto automotive components regardless of their sizes as they pass through different points the assembly process and production.

•    Consumables

Industrial grade laser engraving systems are perfect for etching a wide range of different consumable materials while on the assembly lines. These systems are placed strategically at different points on the assembly line to apply things such as lot numbers, expiration codes and different distinctive identifiers on materials made of glass, plastics, ceramics, and even wood.

The benefits of industrial engraving using lasers are too many to ignore compared to other methods of marking. Laser markers require minimal energy and other consumables to correctly work. They also need minimal maintenance, something that makes them cost effective all through their lifespan. Last but not the least, these systems offer more flexibility in design creation and operation, ability to offer durable and quality results, and low operating costs, making them ideal tools to use for different  industrial applications.

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